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Ph.D. Topic:
“Using Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) for Active Control of Assistive Technology (SigCog 16)”
Signal and Cognition (SigCog)

– Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
– Assisted Technology
– Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
– Rehabilitation
– Motor Imagery
– EEG signal
– Cognition

Thesis Committee:
– Prof. Dr.-Ing Frank Wallhoff, Jade HS Oldenburg (supervisor)
– Prof. Dr. ir. Simon Doclo, Uni Oldenburg
– Prof. Dr. Stefan Debener, Uni Oldenburg

Oldenburg, 11 September 2013


via Darah Juang Doktoral http://drhdrdro.blogspot.com/2013/09/pilot.html


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Ignatius Sapto Condro Atmawan Bisawarna (iscab.saptocondro) Blogger, Engineer. I was born in Bandung, Indonesia, and has spent 25 years of my life there. I worked in Semarang, Indonesia, and then continued to study in Bremen, Germany. I work in Germany until I find myself. Well, now, I am a PhD student in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony or Niedersachsen, Germany.


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