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Ph.D. Note
Di, 24.09.2013

Important date:

Mo, 23.09.2013, 10:30-12:00 First Meeting with all SigCog
Presentation: myself, research thema
Contact: Manuela Hagen, Prof. Stefan Debener
Location: Gebäude A7, Campus Haarentor, Tel. 4945
Halte: Schützenweg (Bus 306, 310)

Di, 24.09.2013, 11:00-??? Motor imagery presentation
Location: Gebäude A7, Campus Haarentor, Tel. 4945 (Manuela)
Halte: Uni (Bus 306, 310)

Do, 26.09.2013, 09:00-17:00 Welcome Workshop
Location: V01 3-322, Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
(the university’s Verwaltung/administration building)
Halte: Uni Oldenburg (Bus 306, 310)
Harus bangun pagi buat ngejar kereta jam 06:54. OMG!

Fr, 27.09.2013, 16:00 Einladung vom dritten Semester
Location: TGM Gebäude

Mi, 16.10.2013, 14:00-16:00 Winter term pre-meeting
Location: University of Oldenburg Guest House (Drögen-Hasen-Weg 64)
Halte: Grotepool (Bus 306, 310)

Do, 17.10.2013, Course “Good scientific practice”
Location: … later

Mo, 28.10.2013, 10:15-12:00 Tipps für die Durchführung englischsprachiger Lehrveranstaltungen
mit Frank Lauterbach, Sprachenzentrum/Koordination english+, Universität Oldenburg
Location: Raum V02 1-114
Contact: Dr. Simone Schipper, hochschuldidaktik@uni-oldenburg.de
Halte: Grotepool (Bus 306, 310)
Register 17.09.2013

Fr, 22 – So, 24.11.2013, Inselseminar
Location: Frisian islands

======= = =======

To Do:
1. Enter the Matrix, using EEG Easy Cap and Emotiv Software
– EEG electrode position is known. 10.9.2013
– still reading the user’s manual
– got email from Mr. M, no training
– thesis of Mr. M is received
– met Prof. Debener on Mo, 23.09.2013:
o new cap is needed for motor imagery
o new system may be needed: either BCI2000 or OpenVibe
Deadline: 27.09.2013 (self imposed, important, not urgent)

2. Fast Read papers
– some papers has been downloaded and fast read
Deadline: 02.10.2013 (self imposed, important, not urgent)

3. Deep Read papers
– none has been deeply read
Deadline: 02.10.2013 (self imposed, important, not urgent)

4. Bureaucrazy: student status, Zulassung, LoA, Semester-Ticket
– form has been sent. waiting for letters.
– send email Mi, 25.09.2013, asking for result
Deadline: 25.09.2013 (self imposed, important, urgent in end September)

5. Tutoring Task
– important docs is submitted: tax number, insurance, etc.
– I have not made any presentation slide
– no idea
– Presentation on Mi, 02.10.2013
Deadline: 27.09.2013 (self imposed, important, urgent in end September)

6. Register Inselseminar
– Is the island in Germany? Yes!!!
Deadline: 10.10.2013 (self imposed, important, not urgent)

7. Contact Mr. R. in Jade HS, for experiment setup
– not yet
Deadline: 25.09.2013 (self imposed, important, not urgent)

======= = =======

1. Attended Ph.D. Kolloquim 23.9.2013
2. Attended Ph.D. meeting 21.09.2013
3. Register Sprachenzentrum 28.10.2013
4. Email Mr. M : 2 times => result: Mr. M. cannot help anymore
5. Register course “Good Scientific Practice”

======= = =======

Update from

======= = =======

Pertemuan Senin kemarin betul-betul memberikan “fruitful information”. Aku jadi melihat seberapa lebih baiknya fasilitas di Uni Oldenburg daripada di Jade HS Oldenburg. Aku juga bertemu Number 4 dan Number 10, juga Profesor yang umurnya lebih muda 3 tahun dariku [wp,blg]. Tapi pembimbing keduaku bukan Profesor tersebut, melainkan Profesor lain yang memimpin grup riset.

Aku juga dianjurkan untuk membuat proposal riset atau Exposé, lalu melaporkan ke semua pembimbingku. Gambaran ide sedikit lebih jelas setelah pertemuan Senin kemarin bersama grup riset pembimbing kedua serta obrolan ringan dengan pembimbing pertama.

Oldenburg, 24 September 2013


via Darah Juang Doktoral http://drhdrdro.blogspot.com/2013/09/todo-y01-m01-d24.html


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