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What is a PhD?

What is a PhD? I wish I knew. Bremen, 6 Desember 2016 iscab.saptocondro

PhD has ending

Well, everything comes to an end, including PhD. It is time to say goodbye. View this post on Instagram The Scream of EEG-BCI, by Van Gogh Convolutional Neural Network. #cnn #dreamscope #deeplearning #deepdream A post shared by iscab.saptocondro (@iscab) on Nov 5, 2015 at 4:58am PST Selesai, tidak selesai… Bremen, 25 Oktober 2016 iscab.saptocondro

Bloody Tumblr Testing

Another tumblr testing is conducted. Now it is direct connection between wordpress and tumblr. I hope this posts can be shared to my tumblr (iscab). Debugging and testing are continuous work of an engineer, like myself. The reason is IFTTT did not work anymore to connect wordpress and tumblr. Well, you can read the stories, … Continue reading

Just like Arkarna

My PhD life in the last two weeks is like the Arkarna’s song “So Little Time”. So little time, so much to do I rather spend my days with you So little time, so much to do I’d like to spend one day with you And if that day is not enough Maybe we can … Continue reading


There is a first time for everything. I want to write about my journey to Ph.D. degree. So, this is my first post. Next time I will post my progress. Bremen, 11 September 2013 iscab.saptocondro


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